Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Volcano Stove

The Volcano 2 is your solution to cooking without electricity.  You can use almost any fuel: wood, charcoal, propane (you pay a little more for this attachment), even this product....  It is light weight (about 20lbs) and VERY easy to set up, clean, and take down.  It will hold all kinds of pots, and works great with dutch ovens.  It can set on the ground or on a table without overheating things around it.  You can buy a lid for it to convert it to an oven (~$25) so you can BAKE, although I haven't tried this and don't know how well it works.  Another cool thing about the lid is you can put it on over your dutch oven to keep it heating properly instead of setting coals on top of the lid.  Also consider the Handy Handle (~$12), a lid-lifter which will allow you to remove your dutch oven lid and rest it on the side of the Volcano.  When you catch a sale, expect to pay about $130 for your Volcano 2 with the propane attachment.  (By the way, it is called the Volcano "2" because the first Volcano was non-collapsing.)  Of note, I have read several times that you only need 300lbs of charcoal to cook with the Volcano for a YEAR.  Click here for a written review.

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