Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Storable Fuel: Instafire

Watch this.

Read this.

Order here!
(Regular price of $59.95, but FREE shipping at this site!)

Emergency Essentials also sells a similar product called Fired Up!  They both claim that 2 cups will burn 30 minutes, so I did a price comparison. 
  • Fired Up! is in a 4 gallon bucket at 13lbs for about $47.95.
  • Instafire is a 5 gallon bucket at 20lbs for about $59.95. 
  • Instafire states their bucket contains 80 cups of product.  
  • Emergency Essentials was not able to tell me how many cups are in a 4 gallon bucket of Fired Up!, but I can do simple math...  a 4 gallon bucket must have about 64 cups (16 cups in a gallon X 4). 
So dividing price by cups, that would mean Instafire is .75 cents/cup, and Fired Up! is... .75 cents/cup!

I'd go with the Instafire since you get free shipping at the website above.

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