Friday, October 7, 2011


Ah, the treasures of a disinfected home.  Do you store bleach in your supplies?  Bleach can be marvelous in an emergency.  You can sanitize drinking water and disinfect surfaces and clothing.  It's good to have on hand, but...  Did you know that bleach has a shelf-life?  In fact, in optimum conditions, the website states it should last only between 9 to 12 months!  If you are a chemist or have a salt-water pool, then you may know that eventually it will turn into just that: salt water. 

What to do?  What to do?  You can't store it long term, and even if you could, how much could you bring if you had to leave your home?

Let me introduce quaternary tablets.  These little wafers of germ-killing joy are used in restaurants to sanitize surfaces and washed dishes.  All you do is add one tablet to a gallon of water and you have an instant disinfectant.  Add the solution to a spray bottle for your food prep surfaces.  Fill your sink with water and add one to disinfect dishes if water treatment services are down.  (Remember, if you do not have clean water you should disinfect your dishes chemically or by boiling them.) 

These tablets are easy to pack and carry, bleach bottles are not.  And best of all, quaternary tablets are inexpensive.  Buy a case for about $5 for a bottle of 150 tablets with shipping here

Don't take sanitation lightly.  Find ways to better insure you can keep your environment clean for your family in a disaster.

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