Sunday, April 10, 2011

Medical References?

Thanks to another blog, I found these printable references: Where There Is No Doctor and Where There Is No Dentist. You can also purchase them on  These are 2010 editions.  I cannot speak for the correctness of the information, but this is something you may want to look into for your emergency library!
Some of the basic topics of No Doctor include:
  • How to properly administer medicine and dosage instructions
  • The proper methods of injecting medicine
  • How to deliver a baby
  • How to heal without medicines
  • Guidelines for the use of antibiotics
  • Home cures
  • Medicinal plants
  • Homemade casts

Some of the basic topics of No Dentist include:
  • How to properly examine and diagnose dental issues
  • How to treat cavities, abscesses, infected sinuses, and more
  • How to prepare and insert homemade fillings
  • How to inject inside the mouth
  • How to safely and correctly remove a tooth

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